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The Inventor

Ed KeilhauerIn the late 1980's, Ed Keilhauer (an award winning ergonomic designer) suffered with severe neck problems. After many years of chiropractic treatments Ed became a patient of Peter Mackay D.C. Dr. Mackay, determined that Ed’s posture while sleeping was having a negative effect upon his neck and back pain. With the correct pillow Dr. Mackay felt that Ed could find relief from his pain. As there was no pillow currently available that could solve Ed’s problem, Dr. Mackay presented to Ed the challenge of solving this problem. Designed in consultation with Peter Mackay D.C. Ed invented an ergonomically designed therapeutic pillow. It took several years to refine the designs and to develop a superior non-toxic environmentally friendly foam. The designs were patented and in 1995, Ed incorporated “Therapeutica”, a family owned company, to manufacture the Therapeutica Pillows, Back Supports and Spinal Orthotics.
Therapeutica markets its line of pillows and back supports to Chiropractors, Therapists and Healthcare professionals worldwide.
Millions of people have benefited from Ed’s commitment to his research and dedication to improving the quality of life for everyone.




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